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Stuff I would like to obtain someday! Listed in order of wantedness.

Pokemon Wishlist:Blazikens
Blaziken SnapToys Prototype Plush
Blaziken mug from the Contests Promo
Blaziken colored enamel metal coin
Blaziken Settei Would love any I don't have, including any Mega Blaziken!
Blaziken gunmetal- colored metal figure
Blaziken Keshipoke
Blaziken family orange GBA SP cover
Blue Fleece Blanket with Blaziken and others
Blaziken eraser figures
Blaziken Christmas mug
Blaziken Battrio (Might still get others, just have a few now)
Mega Blaziken Metallic Tomy figure
Blaziken bento eraser
Blaziken vs Flygon Deckbox
Blaziken clearfiles (I have the Mega, PkmnTime, Evo line, and Pokken ones)
Any other Blaziken stuff I don't have

Future Blazikens
Mega Blaziken VS Mega Mewtwo promo(December)
Mega Blaziken plush
Mega Blaziken Tomy
Mega Blaziken Mega Evolution Tomy set (March)
Mega Blaziken Tomy Pose Figure (March)
Mega Blaziken can badge(March)
Mega Blaziken Mega Evolution promo (March?)
Mega Blaziken kid (April)
Mega Blaziken VS Tomy figure (April)
Mega Blaziken Pokecen dangly keychain figure(May)
Mega Baziken candy figure (spring)
Mega Blaziken Retsuden
Mega Blaziken keshipoke (June)
Mega Blaziken Tomy netsuke phonestrap (June)
Blaziken Pokemon Time (July)
Mega Blaziken Ichiban Kuji (July)
Mega Blaziken Real Figure keychain (July)
Mega Blaziken Mega Evolution (soft figure, towel, etc) (July)
Blaziken MPC plush
Mega Blaziken plamo (August)
Mega Blaziken chocoball figure (August)
Mega Blaziken Figuarts (October)
Mega Blaziken Tomy plush with Mega Stone (Dec)
Mega Blaziken Candy Figure ver 2 (Mar)
Blaziken EX and M Blaziken cards from Mega Rayquaza Jumbo Pack(Apr)
Mega Blaziken Hero Assortment Tomy figure
Mega Blaziken Training Pal Tomy plush
Blaziken Power Tin
Pokken Tournament Kuji clearfile, glass, and keychain
Mega Blaziken King Finger Studio figure
Blaziken WCT Figure
Blaziken PokeCen plush

Picture of some of my Blaziken Wants
(Not my pictures; if one is yours and you want it removed, let me know!)

Other Pokemon Wants
Decidueye Pokecen Plush
Decidueye Z-Move Tomy
Decidueye on log Tomy Style figure
Decidueye candy figure
Decidueye MonColle Get (Regular and Metallic)
Decidueye Kid figure
Wicked Cool Toys Decidueye figure
Any Decidueye plush/figures as they're released
Alola Raichu Pokedoll
Cyndaquil 1:1 Plush
Typhlosion Pokecen plush
Raichu Banpresto big "Tsum Tsum"- looking plush
Raichu new version Tomy figure
Raichu WCT Plush
Raichu Banpresto "bookend" Raichu plushes
Petit Raichu keychain plush

Non-Pokemon Wishlist
FMA Ed and Al and Roy Nendoroids
FMA movie vol 0 manga
FMA tsums
FMA sanrio Ed big plush
Breath of the Wild Link Nendoroid
Twilight Princess Link DX Figma
MM, SS, and TP Link Amiibos
FMA Trading Arts figures of Riza, Izumi, Scar
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